Navigating the Cybersecurity Storm

November 2015

This free, 146-page digital book authored by Paul A. Ferrillo and edited by Bill Brown, seeks to answer everything about cybers

Written for:

  • Corporate CEOs, CFOs & General Counsel
  • Board of Directors
  • Insurance Risk Managers & Brokers



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Charlene Farside is Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Advisen. She is responsible for linking the innovations of Advisen’s businesses to the customer experience to build the global Advisen brand, create awareness and advocacy, and drive customer preference for the brand through every channel, every day. She has spent more than half of her career serving the commercial insurance industry and has repositioned organizations and brands, and developed businesses in new international markets.

Paul Ferrillo’s new book on cybersecurity is exactly what today’s marketplace so desperately needs: the insights of a great legal mind guided by a keen sense of the reader’s business needs. Here are the specific questions each officer and director needs to be asking.

 – Richard S. Levick, Chairman & CEO, LEVICK

This elegantly-written treatise is a tour de force.  Paul Ferrillo explains zero day attacks, threat vectors and wiperware in simple terms and then describes their potentially awesome impact on every aspect of our lives.

 – Peter J. Beshar, EVP & General Counsel, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

Paul Ferrillo is the lawyer crisis manager I would turn to if I had a crisis – and this book tells you why he is so widely respected where law and media risk intersect. It is a must read for lawyers and PR specialists who by now should understand that taking risks to be proactive to get your facts out usually is the best course.

 – Lanny J. Davis, Former special counsel to President Clinton, 1996-98 c

We are long past the point where cybersecurity can be treated like an emerging, obscure or peripheral issue. There is now a single volume guide available to help corporate directors address their organization’s cybersecurity exposures and needs. The new book by Paul Ferrillo is a readable, well-organized, and helpful guide for any corporate official seeking to address their cybersecurity responsibilities.

 – Kevin LaCroix, author of D&O Diary